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Private and Corporate Surveillance Solutions

surveillance companies in londonWe specialise in all forms of surveillance and counter surveillance, our teams consist of both male and female operatives which affords the best possible results as our female operatives can access areas which our male operatives cannot or may raise suspicion by doing so. Our surveillance operatives based in London conduct tasking’s from matrimonial to fly tipping, insurance fraud to copyright infringements. We are recognised as one of the most successful team of private investigators currently operating and our results have contributed to the success and growth of our operation. We are always available to discuss your requirements and place great emphasise on ensuring total confidentiality. We are very proud of our long standing relationship with many large corporate clients and private individuals, having established ourselves within the surveillance industry we are now one of the leading surveillance companies in the country, unlike many other surveillance companies we only use fully trained and licenced surveillance officers with previous military, police or government backgrounds. our surveillance officers and teams have been deployed all over the world and have experience in intelligence gathering in many of the worlds most hostile enviroments.

tactical surveillance counter measures. Equipment used by specialist surveillance officersThere are many reasons why someone may wish to use technical surveillance in your home or office, this can be for personal gain, corporate gain or such things as industrial espionage and even kidnapping/extortion. The use of bugging devices has become common place this day and age and with such devices being readily available on the open market, it has become a tactic we find we are trying to counter more and more each week.

Technical Counter Surveillance

Physical Search
  • Checking for usernames/Passwords on desks.
  • Checking documents left in bins.
  • Checking that users log out of PCs.
  • Info left on whiteboards.
  • Removing old voicemail messages on phones.
  • Physical document storage checks.
Technical Search
  • Internal Network and Penetration tests.
  • Data at rest checks.
  • End to end network protection audit.
  • Process Integrity.
  • Infrared Spectrum Analysis.
  • Full Radio Frequency Spectrum Analysis [RF].

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Bodyguard Services London run and operate and 24/7 operational control room, this enables us to provide a round the clock service to you. We are always available to deal with your enquiry and also to allocate one of our specialist and dedicated case managers to review your security requirements and to ensure you recieve the very best possible advice. To do this you can either register on our website and complete the personal pro forma by clicking here or by simply calling our duty officer on +44 (0) 7880 316 594

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