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Bodyguard Services London are one of Londons most respected and well known suppliers of close protection officers and personal bodyguards, With an impressive portfolio of clients Bodyguard Services London have been the first choice for many Executives, VIPS and agencies globally. With a variety of backgrounds from Military, Special forces, Police and government agencies we can guarantee that we have the perfect close protection officer or personal protection officer for you. We supply both Male and Female officers and can operate anywhere in the world at short notice. All of our Close protection officers and Personal protection officers have extensive experience in both hostile and non-hostile enviroments. Here at Bodyguard Services London we are totally committed to your well being and safety, We understand the trust you place in us and we never fail to deliver. Your integrity is every bit as important as your personal safety which is why our Close protection officers and personal bodyguards receive some of the very best conflict management training available coupled with the academic knowledge to support every action they make.

Bodyguard Services London are fortunate that we are in partnership with ISAP-Force International Security and Protection Force, this allows us to deploy close protection teams and officers anywhere in the world at short notice, Male or female and of course bi-lingual. We are the only supplier of CPIRF [Close protection Instant Reaction force] in the country, if needed we can be there at short notice to supply protective services to our clients and operate globally.

Bespoke Service

Personal protection and close protection in londonBodyguard services London like virtually all other close protection companies in London offer a bespoke service to suit your security requirments, however that said it isnt what we deliver but rather how we deliver that makes Bodyguard Services london stand out. We receive feedback on all the taskings that we undertake and are always complimented on the standard of our Close protection officers. We beleive that simply holding and SIA Level 3 close protection licence does not make you a great protection officer but rather the skills that compliment and satellite this licence which is why we insist that our officers bring to you a host of interpersonal skills, real live time experience and training which can only be acheived by the very best in the industry. From emergency medicine, Advanced driving to extremely well versed soft skills, our male and female protection officers have worked with all kinds of private individuals from families with small children to celebrities and understand exactly how they need to perform to preserve your safety and integrity.Having established ourselves through a track record of high standards and consistency, we have been identified within corporate and private sectors as a preferred supplier to businesses and executives who take their security seriously. We offer a genuine bespoke service to all our clients, from ground level up. Our management consists of highly qualified and experienced sector specialists. Our Screening procedures along with our expert industry knowledge sets us apart from our competitors, as we continue to deliver a service way above industry standards. Every protection officer we employ is subject to an intensive background check, these checks include;

Background checks
  • Advanced DBS, Criminal records, Driving Offenses
  • Financial Checks, bankruptcy/Insolvency/IVA
  • Personal ID verification, Address History, Right To Work.
  • 10 Year Employment History, gap referencing.

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Using Our Services

Bodyguard Services London run and operate and 24/7 operational control room, this enables us to provide a round the clock service to you. We are always available to deal with your enquiry and also to allocate one of our specialist and dedicated case managers to review your security requirements and to ensure you recieve the very best possible advice. To do this you can either register on our website and complete the personal pro forma by clicking here or by simply calling our duty officer on +44 (0) 7880 316 594

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