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Close Protection Security drivers

Bodyguard Services London have a wealth of experience within our management team, from industry leading specialists in Close protection security drivers to assets in transit. We cover a wide range of areas within the security industry and have a fantastic consultancy team to help assist and guide you through the process of building an effective security solution.

Security Drivers

close protection security drivers and assets in transit proptection services in london.Here at Bodyguard Services London we have an outstanding reputation for delivering industry leading Close protection security drivers and Security chauffeurs. Trained in advanced driving and with experience of pursuit and evasive/defensive driving gained from service in either the police force or during specialist military training. All of our Security drivers also hold at minimum a Level 3 Close protection Licence to compliment the skills they bring to you. At Bodyguard Services London we set the standard in security by consistently exceeding our clients expectations. Executive Drivers are also known as Chauffeurs, or if close protection (bodyguard) trained, Security Drivers. Close Protection trained Security Drivers ensure the safety of VIP's or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated risk because of their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associates or geographical location. As we are a bespoke service, we remain flexible in order to use our assets to support your needs, to some this may mean wanting to adopt a new, more secure lifestyle where you rely on us to advise you on your transportation needs. To others this may mean having a driver or fleet of drivers there to adjust to your routine, giving back the freedom to live a normal life with piece of mind that we are there to cater to yout transit needs and if threat levels were to rise upscalling the services to security drivers and/or a protection team. Security drivers are and can be used for a variety of tasks such as, Chauffeurs, Security escorts, airport transfers, banking runs and even shopping.

Why Use A Close Protection Driver?

Close protection security drivers are often used in conjuction with other security solutions to compliment security teams or simply as a driver, but a driver with a skill set that offers more than your professional Chauffeur. Our Close protection Security drivers are available anywhere in the country and at short notice. We can supply all kinds of luxurious vehicles such as executive vehicles, armoured 4x4s amd much more.

Using Our Services

Bodyguard Services London run and operate and 24/7 operational control room, this enables us to provide a round the clock service to you. We are always available to deal with your enquiry and also to allocate one of our specialist and dedicated case managers to review your security requirements and to ensure you recieve the very best possible advice. To do this you can either register on our website and complete the personal pro forma by clicking here or by simply calling our duty officer on +44 (0) 7880 316 594

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