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Hiring A Bodyguard In London

Bodyguard services london - One of our close protection officers protecting a well known clebrity at CannesBodyguard Services London have a very well earned reputation when it comes to Protective Services. Our Personal bodyguards and Close protection officers are viewed as some of the best in the business. We have many years of experience in the protection industry and have built up a great trust and rappor with our clients, We do this by ensuring that our clients security needs are met and delivered in a way which always surpasses industry standards. With this experience we have grown and we have learnt a great deal. We have found ourselves in the past taking on new clients with excisting security measures in place, having assessed the clients ongoing security measures it has become obvious very quickly that initial assessments or audits were inadequate or simply far to much effectively costing the client far more than would be expected. When dealing with a security company it is important that they share with you information regarding their services and that the information they share is relevent to your needs. Any professional company will listen, advise and then give you realistic workable options however it should'nt stop there. It is at this point when you should ask questions. Asking questions is key to selecting not only the right service but also the right company. Below are some things to consider when dealing with security companies

Questions about protective services.

Examples of questions to ask.
  • How long has your company been operating?.
  • How do you select your bodyguards?.
  • What type of selection process do your bodyguards have to undertake?.
  • Are all of your bodyguards licenced?.
  • What level of experience do your bodyguards have?.
  • Can i view the CVs for any of your bodyguards?.
  • What checks are carried out on your bodyguards?
  • Are the bodyguards insured?
  • Can you work to MY budget?
  • What other roles can bodyguards fill?
  • Do you have confidentiality agreements in place?.
  • What if i do not get on with the bodyguard you supply?.
  • What kind of communication methods are in place?.
  • Can i meet the bodyguard before working with them?.
  • Can i be party to interviews with the bodyguard?.

Of course this list is not exhaustive by any means but it is designed to show you that you can and should ask questions. Any professional bodyguard will be more than happy to sit and discuss his or her level of training, their qualifications and the experiences they have. Bodyguards understand that the more confidence you have in them the more you will respond to requests they may make whilst employed to look after you, after all they are being employed to keep your personal safety and integrity intact so working together to acheive this is key.

"What takes 30 years for a man to build can take 30 seconds for another to destroy it."

dean lacey professional bodyguard at international security and protection.Bodyguard Services London have a well known extensive recruitment programme, having a close protection licence simply is not enough to earn you a place here. We only recruit Top performing individuals who display nothing less than the required professionalism, we look for Male and Female Bodyguards who have not only made their mark on the industry but those who excel and raise the bar everytime. Our bodyguards undergo a long selection process from personal vetting and financial checks to 3 stage interviews and performance evaluation testing in a number of scenarios. Every Close protection officer must pass every phase of every check, with employment checks, financial checks, GAP checks, Licencing checks, DVLA checks and much more. We insist that our bodyguards undergo continuous improvement training using real life scenarios in the best posible training enviroment and ensuring the skills that each of our bodyguards have are tested constantly to avoid skill fade. We unlike many other companies feel that it is always best where possible and if time and circumstance allow to meet the dedicated close protection officer or bodyguard before the tasking starts. This has a number of benefits for both yourself and us as a company. We have found that by answering your questions and having a face to face informal meeting before hand gives you an insight into the life, personality and professionalism of the bodyguard who will be working alongside you for the duration, you will have the chance to see them, to ask questions and to listen to the experiences of the officer and therefor enable you to understand why he or she may make decisions throughout his or her duty for your benefit and safety.

Hiring A Bodyguard

Hiring a bodyguard does not need to be difficult nor daunting, it is a process made easy by asking and answering questions, the right questions. We can always provide bespoke services and carry out security audits and we will be the first to tell you if WE are suitable for you or not. If we feel you would benefit more from a service we do not provide then we will tell you as soon as it is identified. If you would like to chat to us about how we can help you then please Contact us here