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Bodyguard Services London are fortunate that we are in partnership with ISAP-Force International Security and Protection Force, this allows us to deploy close protection teams and officers anywhere in the world at short notice, Male or female and of course bi-lingual. We are the only supplier of CPIRF [Close protection Instant Reaction force] in the country, if needed we can be there at short notice to supply protective services to our clients and operate globally. This includes the protection of your assets including your family home.

Residential Security Specialists.

residential security , RST Personal protection and close protection in londonHere at Bodyguard Services London we have many years of experience protecting our clients homes, offices and property from potential threats. We have supplied Residential Security teams for some of the most prestigious homes in the country. Residential security isnt just available for country estates or manor houses but rather for anyone who feels they have a need for a security team to protect their home 24/7. RST or residential security is an integral part of our Close Protection Services offering peace of mind, safety and security for your family, your home and your assets. Our residential security team members of made of specialised and experienced Close Protection Officers, We can taylor your needs to suit your requirements by offering all male or all female protection teams, security drivers Keyholding,CCTV and Alarm monitoring 24/7 security patrols and covert/overt protective surveillance teams regardless if you are in residence or out of the country our professional dedicated RST teams will be there to give you peace of mind. Please contact us for more details regarding residential security services.

Some of our clients especially in London where a large majority of ultra high networth individuals are based require bespoke residential security packages for the protection of their homes, their family and their assets. We have extensive experience when it comes to securing your property and safeguarding your family and this experience has seen us deploying residential security teams in every major town and city in the UK to clients holiday homes and yachts all over the globe.

Residential Security

  • Round the clock Monitoring & Surveillance
  • Onsite SIA Licenced close protection team.
  • 24/7 CCTV Monitoring
  • Optional Static Guarding
  • Covert Patrols
  • Covert Street Team
  • Full Vehicle Searches
  • Weekly Security Audits
  • Close Protection Security driver.
  • Optional Hotel room Security
  • Facilities Management
  • Travel Security and Yacht Security.

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